Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fairforest High - Spartanburg, SC - Forest Views Yearbook 1940

I have another blog that I've started AND far as I know at this moment. It was done on a whim and for only one purpose. I recently ran across my Mama's 1940 Fairforest High School yearbook. Fairforest High was located in Spartanburg, SC. The 1940 yearbook was, according to the dedication page, the very first edition of Fairforest's yearbook, Forest Views.

There is not much on the web that I can find about Fairforest High, at least not from the 1940s, so I decided to scan all the pages in the Forest Views and put them in a blog. Maybe someone will find it interesting....or maybe someone will find a picture of a loved one that they did not have before. 

Since the blog is new, and since I won't be adding much to it beyond what is already there, it may not get into the search engines quickly (or at all), so I decided to put a link to it here and perhaps get Fairforest High, Class of 1940, a little publicity. Here is the link to the yearbook of  Fairforest High School Spartanburg, South Carolina Class of 1940 .

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  1. Please contact me at concerning pictures of Fairforest High School. We are interested in seeing more of your collection. Thank you.