Sunday, March 7, 2010

Send In The Clowns

This was a nice day for going to the flea market. Sunny, warm-ish, and not windy. My husband chose the White Horse Flea Market and across town we went.

We found a few odds and ends and had an enjoyable time. My husband got a couple of LPs and a few videos. My find was much addition to my fear of clowns collection.

At first glance, I thought this clown picture had a red light bulb for a nose which would in theory light up if it worked. When I picked it up though, the bulb was actually a red wooden knob that would turn. I looked and there was a square plastic box on the back of the picture behind the nose area. Hmmmm.........I was thinking while my husband bargained. He got the picture for $2 instead of the $3 that they first said. Then I decided to turn the nose more and suddenly it tightened. Then click, click, click..........I let go and BINGO, a few music notes. It was a music box on back! I turned the nose more and listened carefully, picking out the notes a few at a time in the noisy crowd. Then I realized I was hearing "Send In The Clowns". Perfect. Best buy of the day.