Friday, November 20, 2009

A Childhood Memory of BBQ

LaMotte's Drive-In Restaurant - West Main Street - Spartanburg, SC (circa ?? I found this picture a long time ago somewhere on the internet and grabbed it for my memories.)

I remember going here with my parents in the early 1950s when I was under 5 years old. They ordered me a pimento cheese sandwich “lightly toasted” and we ate in the car . Although I know that is what they ordered me a lot, I mostly remember the BBQ sandwich....minced pork with a delicious red sauced, finely minced slaw on it and a toasted bun. I remember my mother saying, “It's cool weather now, we can go to LaMotte's and get the BBQ” because she was afraid of spoiled meat in the summer. LaMotte's is long gone. I wish I could find a BBQ like this wasn't REAL (pit cooked) BBQ, but I liked it.


  1. and your entry reminded me of my Grandma's pimento cheese sandwich's. I never learned to make it, and I am scared to eat anyone else's because it wouldn't be as good.

  2. I know what you mean, pimento cheese is another food, like BBQ, that can be really good or really bad.

  3. Peggy, Enjoyed visiting your site. Please think about joining our Facebook Group "Spartanburg - Memories of Growing Up in the 50's and 60's" Think you would enjoy it. We were just talking about LaMottes.