Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Angel Trumpet Update

Well, I finally got busy and planted the Angel Trumpet and it has been a while, so I am just going to post a couple of pictures.

This one is just after planting and I added some mums to the birdbath "planter" for extra color.

Here it is after a few weeks. No blooms on the mums here, they had just been deadheaded. Cooler weather coming....hope I can get it to winter over. I have seen a few Angel Trumpets in other yards recently. I am going to keep an eye peeled to see how these people handle their "trumpets" in colder weather.


  1. Looks great! I did a completely terrible job of asking my colleagues for advice, so I'm happy to see you "grasped the nettle" (look that one up - it's a neat plant-related phrase) and went ahead with planting it.

    My garden is still looking pretty good, but about to switch out my Summer bedding plants for Winter ones which will be quite a big task - lots of ornamental cabbages, lettuce, and pansies. Yum!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I had never heard the phrase "grasped the nettle" but I assume that it is similar in meaning to "take the bull by the horns" as my parents used to say.

    My mom used to plant pansies every year, but I never have. I used to plant a small vegetable garden every Spring, but I gave up on that when we started taking trips to NOLA at that time of year.

  3. You take a trip to NOLA every year? It's a wonderful city - you must be quite attached to it. I know I am. I always tell people it's different to other cities - the city itself feels alive.

  4. We have been going to NOLA for about 12 years. Started with a very short weekend trip with a group from my husband's work. It was WAY too short and we were immediately hooked and now it seems it is just in our blood. I have my husband's NOLA blog (If I Lived Here I'd Be Dead By Now) in my Blog List or copy this link to your browser:

  5. Ah, I didn't know that was your husband! I have been a follower of it for some time. I love that title!

  6. Small world in this blogland, huh? That's the truth. The food there is way too good. We look forward to coming there for food and friends. When we have to come home, there is no food here that will satisfy.