Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mein Heino.....fabulous!

We went to Hendersonville, NC, to the library book sale. Today was half-price day, so we bought a good bit. My favorite find of the day was this Heino album...Great Hits No. 6. I could not resist the artwork of this album cover......but should I get's gonna cost me....12 1/2 cents!!!! I went for it and I don't regret it. I have owned this for only a few hours and not even played it yet, but I have received way more than my money's worth just looking at it. Then I decided to see if I could find Heino on the interwebs....of course!.......there he is on YouTube! Truthfully, I really do like his sound. It reminds me of watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my mother. Take a look at Heino in action in the video here. There are more on YouTube if you like, including a 1970's TV Christmas special which is about 23 minutes long.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angel's Trumpet

My Angel Trumpet is blooming!
Isn't it pretty? There are many buds, but I couldn't wait to take a picture. The fragrance is wonderful. I see many of these when in New Orleans, not so much when we return to South Carolina. So this year I decided I had to try my hand at having one in my yard. It is still in the ugly plastic pot from the nursery. I cannot decide where to put it permanently and I am really afraid that if I actually get it in the ground it will die. Meanwhile, I am really enjoying the blooms every evening. It makes me happy like my little Buddha.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Norma Jean and Bubba and Hot Dogs

For lunch today we decided to go to the Wade Hampton Clock. We felt a need for grease....good hot dogs, onion rings, slaw, and sweet tea. Also there for a "grease fix" were Bill and Susan Smith. They are great people. If you live near Greenville, SC, and are able to go to their "place" .... Cafe And Then Some ... you will really enjoy the show. I found a clip of Susan as her alter ego "Norma Jean" and Bill (aka Bubba) is in it too. Enjoy......