Friday, August 21, 2009

An Honest Scrap Award for me????

It seems that I have been bestowed an Honest Scrap award by someone I know very well.... Mr. X-Ray over at XXX Marks The Plot. My thanks to him for this honor, even though he knows that I don’t work well under pressure. In return for the award, I am to award the Honest Scrap to 10 Blogs that I feel are deserving. Also I need to list 10 honest things about myself. (Now I’m in trouble…..)

So here are the complete rules of the Honest Scrap Award:

1) Link back to the awarder's site (linked above)
2) Pass this award on to 10 other deserving blog sites
3) List 10 honest things about yourself

Here (in no special order) is my list of blogs that I read and enjoy on a regular basis:

1) The Lightning Bug’s Lair
- Nepotism here, this is my little bug - T.L. Bugg reviews all sorts of movies - horror, cult, noir and more.

2) HeyUGuys! - Based in London, this is a great site for finding out all sorts of movie news and reviews

3) Rabidly Whimsical Tenacity - Wonderful artist and sweet person who my husband and I met in New Orleans. Check out her work at her other website Marrus Art.

4) Violet Blue - I check out Violet Blue’s posts often. Lots of information here. I value her opinions and love her photo offerings.

5) A Greenville Life - I live in the area and this lady gives “heads up” on some local restaurants, although her recipes sound so good, I really would rather eat at her house!

6) Thrilling Days of Yesteryear - Keeps me up to date on lots of vintage TV on DVD.

7) Chris DeBarr - Chef Chris has a new restaurant (The Green Goddess
) in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Yummy food, so if you go to NOLA, be sure to check it out.

8) The Gore Gore Girl
- Nice to find another woman who likes porn.

9) Thrift Shop Romantic - I love to thrift and love to see what others find.

10) If I lived Here I’d Be Dead By Now - more nepotism, one of the blogs done by my better half. This is a New Orleans blog that archives our NOLA trips and the food we eat. When we are not there, other New Orleans related things are added like movies and food articles.

Now for the really hard part, 10 honest things about myself:

1) I hate spiders and bugs.
2)I have liked vampires since I was about 12.
3)I won’t dance because I think I will look goofy.
4)I like finding bargains at yard sales and thrift stores.
5)I am a packrat (but not one who cannot move in their house).
6)I like to read books and newspapers.
7)I own my own tools (and use them) and like going to Lowe’s or a hardware store to just look at what they have.
8)I hate malls.
9)I am very afraid of having my front teeth broken.
10)Part of my right hand is numb from a nerve that was pinched when my broken wrist healed.


  1. Very strange - we have so many odd things in common! A love of New Orleans, a hatred of malls, and I even put my "packrat" behavior in my own list of truths. I kind of claim #7, but it's more of a love of being a handywoman - I am valued by friends for my ability to make useful things out of stuff lying around, and of course that means I'm attracted to tools.

    Thank you for the shout-out!!


  2. I also think we have many things in common. I told my husband after reading your "Honest Scrap" list that you and I should be neighbors or at least in the same town so we could talk about lots of stuff.

  3. Ha! That's funny. Do you also hate buying new clothes in general? Malls are the worst - I have point blank refused to go in one before, choosing to wait outside with the smokers. But just buying clothes fills me with dread - I wait for my current ones to literally fall apart before you'll catch me going to the store. The overheated dressing rooms, the trousres that are too short, gha..just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

    Now, other forms of retail, I will happily (and irresponsibly) pursue...

  4. I do hate buying "new" clothes, I would rather discover my new clothes in thrift stores. I do sometimes(well maybe twice a year) go to a factory store we have here that also carries some name brands, but mall stores are not for me...and I used to work at one as a switchboard operator. I also "packrat" my clothes for years thinking they may come back into style, but unfortunately I am growing older than my styles once were. UGH!

    And yes, other forms of retail are OK. I can "shop" at big box "mart" stores just to see what I can see, sometimes not even buying.