Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh Mercy! ....I won .... A Bob Dylan giveaway

I'll never win....I thought. I never win anything.......oh well, I'll give it a try.....

SO, I entered a contest of sorts to win a Bob Dylan DVD Bob Dylan: 1978-1989 — Both Ends of the Rainbow at FLICKHEAD. All they needed was my name and address. I told others about entering and they said they would. Someone else would get it, not me. Off went my email entry and that was the last I thought about the contest and the DVD.

Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I went to get the mail at the post office. UGH....something almost too big for the box. I had to wiggle it out. What is this??? I turned it over and it was addressed to me! I looked at the return address...what?? Flickhead??? I couldn't think. Did I order something and completely forget? Hurriedly I opened the large padded envelope. What is this? It has a paper that says "Congratulations! You've won a DVD compliments of" I turned to my better half (standing about a foot away) and just about shouted "I WON! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I WON THE DYLAN DVD!!"

Well, I guess I should never say never.

Thanks to Ray at Flickhead and the folks at See of Sound who provided him with the DVD to give away.

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