Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lloyd Thaxton Show

Today I found out that Lloyd Thaxton passed away October 5, 2008. Probably not many people know who Lloyd was. He was a writer, producer, and television host best known for his syndicated pop music television program of the 1960s, The Lloyd Thaxton Show, which began as a local show on KCOP Los Angeles in 1961.

When I was a teenager (too many years ago to even think about), I watched Dick Clark's American Bandstand on Saturday. I also watched The Lloyd Thaxton Show. It seems to me that it was on TV weekdays after school. Lloyd was a crazy man who seemed to really have fun doing what he did. I still have my "Dawk" doll packed away in the attic, a crazy little protest doll that Lloyd used on the opening of the show. Here is an ad for the Dawk Dolls.

Also, here is a video clip of The Lloyd Thaxton Show. It brought back a lot of memories.
R.I.P., Lloyd.

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